Tombow Reporter Compact 4 Colour Ballpoint Pen


Tombow Reporter Pen summed up in 2 words – compact and colourful

Save space in your bag or pencil case with a Tombow Reporter Compact 4 Colour ballpoint pen, carry 1 pen instead of 4!

Each ink push button is designed in a different shape to help identify each ink colour and there is a nice click sound when you select the different colours.

Comfortable rubberised grip. Compact size approx 117mm long and 12mm barrel and colourful

Available in barrel colours – Navy, Turquoise, Lilac and Pink


  • Ink Colours 4 in 1 pen - blue, black, green and red
  • Nib Type – ballpoint – ball size 0.7mm
  • Refill – Ink refills are available.

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