Magnetic Pencil

We love our magnetic pencil, the magnet is very strong and sticks the wooden pencil to any magnetic surface.

We’ve tested the pencil on fridges, metal noticeboards, bulldog clips, sheet music stands, clipboards, drawing boards and more. Ideal to keep you organised in the kitchen, office or workshop.  

High quality matt black coloured pencil made from completely black dyed wood has medium strong lead HB and it is lovely to write or draw with.

Our magnetic pencils have a matt black finish with NO writing or logo. These are not customisable.

Customer Review:

“Great magnetic pencil. Nice lead strength for drawing and writing. I’m a bit of a messy worker and spend way too much time searching for lost pencils/pens etc but this handily stays within reach as it sticks to the metal bit on my drawing board.”

Attention musicians –  our magnetic pencil is the ideal accessory for your sheet music stand you attach the pencil on your sheet music stand.

Attention artists – If you like drawing an art teacher was very impressed with the quality of the pencil for creating detail on illustration work.

Size: The pencil measures 18cm from end to tip and 0.5cm diameter.

Customer Reviews

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