Kokuyo Beetle Tip Dual Colour Highlighter Pen


When we heard about this great japanese highlighter pen we knew we had to have them - they are not easy to buy in the UK.

The dual tip colour pen from Kokuyo - 2 highlighters in one pen featuring the innovate beetle tip.

The two tips are right next to each other, simply rotate the pen to switch colours, no need to cap or recap.

Similar to to the 3 way marker you can create different line styles with the nib:-

  • underline
  • highlighting line  
  • both tips - to create a double underline or highlight around the text.

The chisel tip length is 5mm

And the best bit 2 highlighters in one pen, saves space in your pencil case.

The kokuyo beetle tip dual colour marker is great for students assisting with note taking and we use them regularly in the office and at home.

Colours available:  Light Green/Purple, Orange/Blue or Yellow/Pink

See the Kokuyo Beetle Tip Dual Colour In Action 

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