A5 Plastic Document Filing Wallet

A5 Plastic Document Wallets 

A5 clear plastic document wallets are ideal for filing bits of paper, receipts, holiday travel and insurance documents in one place.

The A5 plastic filing pockets make a great accessory for Travelers Notebook / Journal, Planner or Bullet Journal.

They can be used as a plastic insert and the plastic flap fits under a cord in the cover and will close when pressed flat (or can tuck in) to keep items secure.

Why we designed them:-

  • Transparent so it is easy to view the contents
  • The corners have been rounded so they don’t get crinkled as easily as sharp-edged wallets
  • The flap folds down and holds in place if kept flat or can tuck in neatly
  • Wallet is made of durable plastic, stain-resistant and high quality

The technical bits:-

Dimensions : w- 22.5cm h- 16cm d- expand to fit our a5 notepads with backing greyboard and 6cm flap which can sit outside or tuck in.

Each wallet is 250 microns

The wallets are made from high-quality PVC which is manufactured from within Europe. All PVC used is 100% Phthalate-Free (non-carcinogenic) and conforms to all EU Reach Environmental Standards.

Our PVC wallets are manufactured in the UK. Any waste from the manufacturing process is fully recycled meaning there is very little impact on the environment.

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