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About us

If you love stationery then you are in the right place.

A "fanatic" is defined as a person/people overenthusiastic about an interest - that’s us we are fanatical about stationery!

Attention to detail is paramount and there was considerable research and testing to find the perfect elements for our paper products. 

We are proud to put our name to our range of notebooks and planners and love spending time researching unusual stationery items, experimenting with new designs and pads in the workshop based in Dundee, Scotland.

The Write On It Team are on a mission :-
  • Save a dying art – ditch technology (where possible) and write by hand more often.

  • Take control – achieve a better work/fun balance using paper planners, checklists or notepads to organise our time more efficiently and create more “me time”

  • Have a great looking desk with stylish stationery (without breaking the bank)
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write on it planners and note pads

lots of notebooks
When you have a notebook and the pages are sewn in, stapled or not easy to remove, do any of the following make you anxious?
  • You don’t want to waste it or ruin the note book by making a mistake on the first few pages.
  • You want to use the notebook and are waiting for the “right time”
  • Your “ideas might not be good enough” for the notepad
Confession Time  This made us review our own notepads and we suffer from the same anxiety.

Our Pads and Notebooks Our tear off sheets and spiral binding notebooks eliminate that fear and worry just remove the page and you can start again.. phew

Making Time to Plan
We think it's important to make space in our planners to incorporate time with friends, family, hobbies or just finding time to relax = creating ME time.

Make time for yourself where you can and do something you want to.

Creating our planners
During planning stages, we incorporated boxes for important elements.
  1. Tasks we really had to do - top 3 list
  2. Tasks we wanted to do - but didn't really have to
  3. Important = ME time

Are you going to turn to your friends when you are 70 and say,
“I wish I had worked more or had a cleaner house” we don’t think so. 

Meet the Write On It Team

Sara Jaconelli Write On It
Sara Jaconelli
It's Sara's love of stationery - pens, paper, anything with the wow-ohh factor that has driven her to start Write On It the great stationery adventure with Gillian.

What makes Sara tick?
  1. Wandering with her camera and snapping moments in time
  2. Trying new things – likes a mini project
  3. An adventure....
  4. Finding new stationery with the “ooh” factor
  5. Radio 4 sitting low vol in background (but Gillian might not agree..)
Sara also works at Bright Chilli where we help business owners run a better business by assisting them with internet marketing and looking after business finances.

Gillian Lindsay - Write On It
Gillian Lindsay
It's Gillian's love of pads, pens and sticky flags has driven her to start Write On It with Sara. Gillian loves unusual stationery from distant shores..

What makes Gillian tick?
  1. Getting hooked on a good book or box set
  2. Random adventures with Maisy (the cutest and bossiest westie)
  3. Trying to be crafty, i.e. jigsaws/washi - not the other kind of crafty ;-)
  4. Radio 6 LOUD, sorry Sara
  5. Hard to decide.... a new notebook possibly!!??
Gillian also works at Bright Chilli where we help business owners run a better business by assisting them with internet marketing and business finances.

sam paton graphic designer
Sam Paton
Sam worked with Write On It to design the "Pyramid" range of planners and notepads and our lovely logo.

What makes Sam tick?
  1. Spending time with my lovely family
  2. Walking down the green with my adopted dog and cuddling my pet cats
  3. Walking up big hills when it’s freezing cold
  4. Hot sunny days (abroad usually)
  5. Working on exciting projects for Kin Studio with my very tolerant brother and right hand man
Find out more about Sam's great design skills at her business Kin Studio in Dundee.

donna caira small bird
Donna Caira
Donna worked with Write On It to design the "Star" range of planners and notepads.

What makes Donna tick?
  1. Having cups of tea and slices of cake with my two daughters Jules & Liv
  2. Typography
  3. Being beside the sea
  4. Crunching leaves
  5. Carnival lights
Donna is the creative genius behind Small Bird with a love for collecting things and inspired by design and interiors, Donna loves typography and makes great personalised gifts.

hannah sheffield
Hannah Sheffield
Hannah is a super talented photographer, graphic artist and web designer who worked with Write On It the "linear" range of planners and notepads.

Five things that make Hannah tick:
  1. Friends, because who would we be without them
  2. Tea, never enough tea!
  3. Music, all the time
  4. My dog, the best
  5. Yoga, every single day

maisy moo the westie
Maisy the Westie

Our 4 legged colleague Maisy's 5 favourite things in no particular order..
  1. Cheese
  2. Sleeping
  3. Squirrels
  4. Barking at animals on TV
  5. Using my jedi mind tricks to get what I want