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National Stationery Week 2017

National Stationery Week 2017

Yay!  It is our favourite week of the year where we can talk about our love of stationery National Stationery Week  there’s a different theme every day throughout the week:-

We'll be posting little snippets about our fascination with stationery through the week on our blog and social media pages, come and join in the fun! You can also save 10% on our first order when you sign up for our newsletter on the website.

Pen and Pencil Day

Between us we have amassed a crazy amount of pens and pencils over the years and we have many firm favourites usually they all have a specific job, task or for use in a specific journal. We really enjoy researching and sourcing new pens or pencils for our store and only sell pens we love:-

  • Tombow pens from Japan Sara’s faves as the fine point helps to write more neatly and they come in a variety of sizes and colours. Sara uses the same Tombow reporter pen to update her journal every day and buys ink refills when it runs out.

  • Schneider pens from Germany – Gillian’s faves as they write so smoothly and are available in a lovely selection of ink colours.

  • Write On It Magnetic pencil – we love our magnetic pencil the magnet is really powerful perfect for use around the home on fridges or in the office.


Interesting thought - We have lots of pens and pencils, how far would our pen collection stretch from Dundee?


Pens National Stationery Week 2017

Magnetic pencils

How far would pens and pencils stretch

Get Crafty

We love to try new things and love a “crafternoon”. We’ve always had a stash of craft items at home but since starting Write On It we have discovered a whole new range of crafty items to add to our collection.  Some of our faves are:
  • Deco tapes (think of a tippex tape but with patterns and colours) 
  • Washi tape 
  • Plus Japan Deco Roller Stamps (rolling self inking stamp with lovely patterns) 
  • Stencils 
  • Calligraphy pens 
  • Decorating our bullet journals and notepads with washi tape or stickers
Our home town of Dundee is vibrant and creative and there lots of crafty things to do and we regularly attend courses to learn new skills, have fun and chill out. Eg courses to make a silver ring, letterpress printing, origami, crochet and paper cutting and we’re always on the look out for new and exciting things to try.

Our favourite ways to spend time being crafty at home is making gifts for friends which usually includes Tshirt Yarn from Wool and the Gang to make bracelets, handbag tassels or pom poms.
get crafty national stationery week

World Stationery Day It’s World Stationery Day - let’s encourage people to pick up a pen and write more often!

Sara writes a journal during holidays and loves to look back and relieve the adventures and great memories. Do you write a holiday journal?
holiday travel journal world stationery day

Mini travel adventures at your desk on World Stationery Day with our cute & practical kawaii stick markers great for bookmarks & post it notes.
world stick markers kawaii cute

We make our own notebooks, all driven from our lifelong passion for stationery buying and collecting notebooks from around the world.

There's nothing better than arriving home to a stationery parcel with an Airmail sticker from France, Japan, Holland.

A notepad may sit resting for a while waiting on it's destined purpose eg travel journal, bullet journal, projects or simply taking notes. You need to write things down to help you remember them in years to come.

An app may come and go but you'll still have your notebook. There's nothing better than starting a new notebook on a fresh page... and then when you start a new notebook, there's space to buy a new one!
world stationery week notebooks and paper

Thank You Thursday

It is “Thank You Thursday” part of National Stationery Week. Life can be so busy, rushing around, trying to fit everything in – work, family, life and fun. What about taking a moment to check in and say thank you to yourself?

We both were so busy last year and needed a moment to stop and be thankful and focus on positive rather than negative.

We started a “happiness journal”.  It's really simple, you write down one thing every day that made you happy or thankful for…. that’s it!

Create your own personalised journal with a quote to inspire or motivate you for your own daily gratitude’s .
Thank You Thursday National Stationery Week

Fountain Pen Friday

We are fans of the Pilot V Pen fountain pens and used them for years. Calling all Fountain Pen Fans we are looking to try a different / better fountain pen – what would you recommend?

We took time out to practise the alphabet using cursive handwriting for Fountain Pen Friday for National Stationery Week using our dot grid paper to provide guidance with letter height. Writing isn't as good as it used to be but practise makes perfect, so they say.
fountain pen friday national stationery week

Signature Saturday

When we were kids (a wee while ago now..) we would spend hours practising our signature just in case anybody wanted our autograph when we were famous (!?)

Signature looks terrible today, especially when signing for a DPD parcel with the little stylus things, how does your signature look today?

We were quite excited when we found out Gillian’s niece has Morrisey’s autograph (belonging to her dad from 30 years ago) and is treasured possession – thanks for lending us your autograph book Erin.
morrisey the smith autograph

Write a Letter Day

When did you last take time out to write a friend or family member a letter or send card to make them smile ?

As kids we were always made to write a thank you letter for Christmas and Birthday gifts and this practise appears to have been replaced by a text message.

Even holiday postcards are becoming a rarity or is because it is a hassle to do in today’s tech driven / instant world?

  1. Select the right postcard
  2. Buy a stamp
  3. Write on it and rave about your holiday 

For us, sending & receiving a postcard was a holiday highlight and we think we should encourage people to use the postal service and feel this excitement.

A postcard or letter can be kept, cherished and treasured for many years and text message disappears.   

When requested, we send our personalised pads made for children addressed to the young boy or girl.  It is lovely to get feedback from the parent how excited the child was to receive get a parcel with their name on it.

write a letter day

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