National Pencil Day 2017

March 30, 2017

national pencil day 30 march 2017

National Pencil Day 30 March 2017

It is the "official" day to mark our appreciation of the graphite pencil - yay. Why 30th March? In 1858 Hymen Lipman received the first patent for attaching a rubber to the end of a pencil.  Fast Fact - most pencils sold in the USA have eraser tips, but majority sold in Europe have none, is this because we are more confident with pencil mark?  

Stay Analogue
We can't imagine life without a pencil as they are such useful tools to create, doodle or just write a list at home or in the office. Technology is becoming such a huge part of our lives but it is still nice to connect to the analogue world and allow yourself time to think while writing or drawing with a pencil.

Pencils as Art

There are lots of different ways to create art with pencils, which comes in handy if drawing is not one of your best skills.

Haruka Misawa was inspired to create tiny paper flowers inspired by the shape of the shavings while sharpening her pencil. View more of Haruka's pencil shaving images.

Haruka Misawa Pencil Art
haruka misawa pencil shaving flowers

Megan Maconochie created some brilliant art with pencil shavings and layered on card or paper, some took her 10 minutes to make and others took hours and hours, view more of Megan's work.

megan maconochie cat in the hat
dotty cat pencil art megan maconchie

This photograph is one of our own favourites from the many we have taken, Gillian carefully sharpened a Blackwing Palomino Pearl Pencil to create this lovely flower shape.
write on it pencil art blackwing palomino

A lovely poem to share for National Pencil Day

A Pencil
Make sure there is a pencil in your bag
A small notebook in your pocket
Ideas are sometimes spontaneous
And inspiration does not come everyday
Look everywhere, listen, and smell,
And don't forget to write things down.
Even if you see and listen well,
What you have seen, might not come back around.
That's where your pencil plays it's part.
And with your pencil, there's no regrets.
Especially when pertaining to the heart,
The pencil remembers, what the mind forgets.

By Sharina Saad

Society of the Crossed Pencils
Do you think you have got what it takes to be a member to join ranks of The Society of The Crossed Pencils and solemnly swear to:

  • use pencils, pens, notebooks daily for all the note taking, list writing, sketching, planning, drawing, signing and marking
  • embrace woodgrain goodness in all it’s shapes and forms
  • keep pencils sharpened perfectly
  • provide a fellow in need with a spare pencil, pen, favourite soft eraser and perfect sharpener when needed
  • never ever EVER use the eraser on the other side of the pencil
  • give bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils to the members of the society of crossed pencils on special occasions
  • be kind to pencils and other members (do not discriminate against washi tape, mechanical pencils, gel pens or other members who spell stationery with A, BE KIND).
stationery fans society of the crossed pencil

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