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National Pencil Day 2016

National Pencil Day 2016


Hello and welcome to our first Write On It news post.

Our first news post timing is apt, as it was with the humble pencil we learned how to write at school.

Learning to write kicked off our fascination with all things stationery and leads us to this exciting time of starting our stationery business.

Back to School

Using a pencil can have a nostalgic feel especially when you see the supermarket shelves full of stationery for kids going back to school.

Any of the following sound familiar when you started a new school year?

  • You needed a new pencil case and couldn’t just be any old pencil case, had to be “the” perfect pencil case
  • You made sure all the pencils in your case were sharpened for starting a new term at school
  • You would line up pencils and pens in order on your desk ready to use

We could go on…..

cursive handwriting and pencil

What does that say?

At school you were taught cursive handwriting, it looked so neat and tidy then as you grow older you develop your own style.

Unfortunately our handwriting has deteriorated in recent years and occasionally Sara can’t read her own writing, (which is a sad state of affairs).  Using a keyboard all day, then phones or tablets in the evening doesn’t help.  Hopefully with practice and patience we can have lovely handwriting again.

And Relax

The best part when using pencils for sketching, drawing or doodling is the ease of using an eraser to rub out mistakes!

Pencils are becoming popular again due to the popularity of colouring in and dot to dot books with some concerned pencil manufacturers reporting a shortage in stocks!

There are many graphite gradings for pencil lead ranging from H (hard) to B (black) the most popular for ease of everyday writing is HB (hard black) and available in huge range of colours.

Magnetic Pencil and the wow factor

Our first Write On It product was the magnetic pencil.

When we let people use the pencil it is always followed with wow!

The magnet in the tip of the pencil is very strong which makes it great to stick to fridges beside shopping lists, in the office beside noticeboards, and for sheet music stands – lots of different uses.

The HB lead is great for writing or drawing and art teachers like using it for detailed illustration work.

Find out more about our amazing magnetic pencil

And finally…. famous pencil users (from Wikipedia)


  • Thomas Edison had his pencils specially made by Eagle. Each pencil was three inches long, was thicker than the standard size and had softer graphite than was normally available.
  • Vladimir Nabokov rewrote everything he had ever published, usually several times, in pencil.
  • John Steinbeck was an obsessive pencil user and is said to have used as many as 60 a day. He used more than 300 to write the novel East of Eden.
  • Vincent van Gogh used only Faber pencils as they were “superior to Carpenters pencils, a capital black and most agreeable”.
  • Johnny Carson regularly played with pencils at his Tonight Show desk. They were specially made with erasers at both ends to avoid on-set accidents.
  • Roald Dahl used only pencils with yellow casing to write his books. He had 6 sharpened ready at the beginning of each day and only when all 6 became unusable did he resharpen them.

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