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Be More Organised Using a Bullet Journal

Be More Organised Using a Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are the current stationery trend for people who love making lists and love to be organised. Perfect for stationery fanatics like Gillian who is going to give you an insight into this brilliant concept and how to use a bullet journal - this article could change your life.

What is a Bullet Journal

You can create a bullet journal in any notebook but we prefer the dot grid layout which is a series of dots printed across a page.  Use the dots as a guide to create your journal / planner / diary / agenda / to-do list / drawing / revision planner or all of the above, the options are endless!

Bullet Journal dot grid layout

By incorporating a series of keys or symbols and a framework you create a unique planner that will work for you.

We love the bullet journal concept so much (also known as a BUJO), we decided to create a range of bullet journal notebooks.

How does a Bullet Journal work?

Gillian is a bullet journal convert and is using 2 separate journals to track activities for work and home.  

“It would be too difficult in my opinion to have one journal combining work and personal activities, by separating the journals you can have a professional work BUJO and the pretty colourful one at home”.

The Bullet Journal also works as a diary and a planner so you can always plan ahead for future tasks eg  jobs / tasks / reminders for the future so you are less likely to forget things.

Gillian has cut down on the many to-do lists / post-it notes / scrap pieces of paper lying around and admits “I do still grab a scrap piece of paper but I generally transfer this to the BUJO as I go, I’m achieving more and it’s pretty satisfying to sit down and tick things off the list.” 

What do you need to make a Bullet Journal?

You don’t need a lot to get started – a notebook with dot grid, lined or plain paper and something to write with.  

The beauty is that you can be as simplistic or creative as you like with your BUJO and it's a great way to incorporate the following items to personalise your journal:-

You can find lots of layout (also known as bullet journal spreads) examples online and many are a work of art.

There is a massive cult following on Instagram, PinterestTwitter and Facebook Groups across the world with many people sharing images from their bullet journals and the variety of lists/spreads they are creating.

Gillian tells us she “finds this a bit overwhelming and my spreads are toned down in comparison, I have a bullet journal a couple of pens, stencil/ruler and a roll of washi tape for when I feel the need to add some colour!”

If you just want to use a Bullet Journal to get stuff done you can keep it simple, if however you are crafter/planner/stationery addict then the BUJO is heaven!!!


bullet journal example page

If you are a list maker then a bullet journal is perfect for you. 

As well as day to day planning and organising, you can use the journal to record important info you don't want to forget and then you can mark off when completed. 

As an example, take a page in your bullet journal to record the following:

  • Recipes to try 
  • Films you want to see 
  • Books you want to read
  • Places to visit
  • Restaurants to visit
The journal can also be used as a Habit Tracker to monitor how much water you drink, how many steps you take per day or how often you exercise per week.

Start your own Bullet Journal 

There are countless resources online, you can get starting tips from the official Bullet Journal website for creating the perfect bullet journal, but nothing is perfect.

Gillian advises “You can’t learn it all before you start, you learn with it as you go and adapt it to your needs”.  

Gillian started using her bullet journals in Feb 2017 and built up her key/framework referring to this article "How to Bullet Journal: The Absolute Ultimate Guide" from the Lazy Genius Collective.  

The article provided the essentials and confidence to get started and she's remained with this concept due to its simplicity and straightforward framework but nothing is rigid or stuck in stone if you decide to change or add to the basics as you go along. 

bullet journal key framework 

I hope my article has inspired you to start using a bullet journal
Gillian (Bullet Journal Fan)
Bullet Journal Fan at Write On It

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Credit to the inventor of the bullet journal
Ryder Carroll a digital product designer from New York started the concept which has evolved and now has a cult following. His concept is to make the bullet journal an “evolving, adaptable practice which is meant to be self curated as you determine what works best for you”

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